Some of My Favourite Animals




Guinea Pigs


Yorkshire Terrier


Unit 28 Spelling word in sentences

Collision – On my way to Campbell River I watched a car collision.

Companion –  Matt is a good friend and a good companion.

Division – One of the topics in math my friend struggles in is division.

Educate – It the teachers job to educate their students.

Explosion – On Halloween  I got to watch the explosion of the fireworks.

Gopher – There are tones of gophers in Saskatchewan.

Gradual – I was told make the change gradual in any order you wish.

Graduate – At Sunset Elementary the grade 7s graduate from Elementary school.

Invasion – My brother got a new video game called “Alien Invasion”.

Junior – On the week-end I played Monopoly Junior.

Nephew – Very few people in my class have a nephew.

Paragraph – When writing a story you should paragraph it.

Photograph – Mr. Mollinga took a photograph of me and put it on the website.

Provision – Provision is the only way animals can survive through the winter.

Senior – It cost more for a senior to ride the city bus.

Soldeir – I never want to become a soldier Because then I might die at a young age.

Stallion – Male horses are considered to be a stallion.

Symphony –  I was told that the next concert will feature the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing the top show tunes.

Telegraph – Last summer I went to Telegraph Cove with my cousins.

Vision – On the shoe ” Thats So Raven” Raven gets at least one vision on each episode.