Demi Lovato

     Demi Lovato has acted in Camp Rock and Camp Rock 2. She plays Mitchie Torres. In the movie Camp Rock she falls in love with Joe Jonas and sings the song This Is Me. Mitchie tricks all the Camp Rock campers into believing that her mom own a Hot Tunes store in China. Then they find out that she was lying and everyone is mad at her.She also stars in the TV show Sunny With A Chance. Demi has a sister named Dallas. She is a skilled pianist and guitar player. Demi Lovato is a famous singer to. Demi’s role model is Kelly Clarkson.


Bethany Hamilton Soul Surfer

Bethany Hamilton stars in a new movie called “Soul Surfer”. The movie will be released in theaters on April 15, 2011. In the movie Soul Surfer she loses one of her arm. On October 31, 2003 a 14 foot shark attacks her when she is surfing. When she was attacked Bethany lost approximately 60% of her blood. The loss of her arm didn’t stop her from surfing. She had a remarkable recovery. It was 1 month after the shark attack she started surfing again..It was a tiger shark.The movie is based on Bethany Hamilton’s real life. Bethany was 13 when it happened.  Bethany Hamilton was born on February 8, 1990.She was born on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.Bethany started surfing at a very young age. Her parents say that they always knew she was special. Bethany Hamilton is Christian. Bethany is now a professional surfer.  

Hilary Duff

      Hilary’s birth name is Hilary Erhard Duff. She was born on September 28th, 1987. Hilary was born in Houston, Texas. Her parents names are Bob and Susan Duff. She has a sister named Haylie. Hilary go t nick named Hil. She is in the show Agent Cody Banks. Hilary has acted in the movie A Cinderella Story. There are a book series that she stars in. The books are Lizzie McGuire.

The Eiffel Tower

    The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 world fair wich is also coincided with the century of French Revolution. It is located in Paris. There has been bomb threats on the Eiffel Tower. In Las Vegas there is a model of the Eiffel Tower. It is only half the size though. The Eiffel Tower has elevators. It is a world-famous structure. The Eiffel Tower is 984 feet tall. It is twice as tall as the Washington monument and was the world tallest structure at the time. The structure took more than 2 years to complete. Gustave Eiffel was the man behind the Eiffel Tower. People say that they could imagine Paris without the Eiffel Tower.

Willie Mitchell

                                                                                       All About Willie Mitchel

Willie’s hockey number is eight. He height is 6’3″.Willie Mitchell weighs 212 pounds.His date of birth is April 23 1977.His home town is Port McNeill. Willie Mitchell played on the Vancouver Canucks. Willie Mitchell went to sunset elementary school when he was a kid. At Sunset Willie Mitchell is there idol. He has played at the NHL. Willie singed a four-year $14.00 contract with the Vancouver Canucks. He has received the Babe Pratt trophy before.

Taylor Swift

                                                               All About Taylor Swift

Her full name is Taylor  Alison Smith.Taylor was born on December 13,1989. Her home town is Wymossing, PA.She sing contemporary country music. Taylor grandmother is one of her music influences. her grandmother is an opera singer. Another one of her music influences is Garth Brooks.Taylor Swift became the youngest songwriter signed to a publishing deal with Sony/ATV. THat was when Taylors family moved to Hendersonville,tn. In April 2007 she won her first award at the CMT music awards.Taylor got to meet her idol “Tim McGraw”At the ACM awards that year.

Facts about Justin Bieber

Full name : Justin Drew Bieber

Date of Birth : March 1st 1994

Age : 16

Height : 1.66m

Eye Colour : Brown

Hobbies : Skating, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and Golf

Instruments : Drums, Piano, Guitar, and Trumpet

Favorite Colour : Purple

Favorite Number : 6

Hairstyle : Signature

Language : English

Signed By : Usher

Place of birth : Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Lives : Atlanta, Georgia

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

     Micheal Buble’s full name is Michael Steven Buble. He grew up near Vancouver, BC, Canada. His grandfather was the one that introduced him to music. Michael’s grandfather was willing to give any musicians that were willing to let Michael sing some songs on stage with him a professional plumber.

     Michael Buble got his break in show business when the Canadian Government discovered his music. After 10 years of struggling he started to consider giving up his music career and would work in the media. His gig in 2000 impressed Michael McSweeney, speech writer/right hand man to Brian Mulroney. Michael Buble said to Michael Mcsweeny that he could use his independent CD as a coaster if he did not like it. Mr. McSweeny gave the CD to Brian & Mila Mulroney. The CD got him an invite to sing at their daughter’s wedding. At the wedding he was introduced to David Foster, the music and producer. David took Michael Buble under his wing.