Novel Study


Dear Isabella,

I just finished reading a novel called Ortega. It is the best book I have ever read. I think you would really enjoy the book. The book is about a gorilla. His name is Ortega. I will write a mini book review for you. When Ortega was a baby he was taken from his mum by scientists. They taught how to read, write and talk. Now Ortega is getting older and they want him to start going to school. Ortega doesn’t want to go to school because he is scared that nobody will like him. Ortega tries to bring his stuffed bear Mr. Doodles to school with him. At school there is a popular group of boys that Ortega wants to be in. He asks the group of boys if he can be in their group. The boys say he has to pull a prank at school if he wants to be in the group. Ortega says that he will. The boys tell him to go sneak up behind the janitor and roar really loud at her. At fist Ortega isn’t sure if he should because he might get in trouble from Dr.Susan. Later in the novel Ortega starts to forget parts of his childhood with the help of Ortega’s new friends and the scientist that captured him when he was a baby will Ortega be able to recover or will he forget the rest of his childhood?

There are probably some libraries near you with the book. My librarian recommended it to me. If you don’t like the book you should recommend it to some of your friend’s maybe. The book costs around $20.00. You should probably rent it before you by it just in case you don’t like because that would be a waste of $20.00. I really hope you enjoy the book.

Sincerely, your friend Miranda


Unit 35 spelling words in sentences

Bumblebee – There was a bumblebee collecting pollen from the flowers in our yard.

Cloudburst – A cloudburst sometimes happens with hail or thunder.

Courthouse – There is a courthouse in Victoria.

Daybreak – If you wake up early in the morning at my house you sometimes can see the daybreak.

Downhill – My drive way is slightly downhill.

Drawbridge – There is a drawbridge on many castles in movies.

Earthquake – Last year there was an earthquake in Haiti.

Elsewhere – After the two girls got in a fight one of them said I am going elsewhere.

Fruitcake – Fruitcake is my dad’s favorite type of cake.

Grapefruit – Grapefruits are the same size of an orange.

Mainland – I have relatives who live on the mainland.

Meanwhile – Sally was being chased by dogs; meanwhile the others were having cake.

Oversight – David Peal was responsible for the oversight of the charity funding organization.

Pineapple – Last night we cut up a pineapple.

Switchboard – We went on a field trip to a museum last year and we got to see an old switchboard.

Throughout – Throughout the school there are bathrooms.

Typewriter – On the movie the girl used a typewriter to write a letter to her father.

Upright – At night horses will sleep upright where ever they are staying.

Wastebasket – A wastebasket is also called a garbage can.

Whatever – It is rude to tell someone whatever especially your parents or teacher.

Miranda’s Essay

Miranda’s D.A.R.E. Essay


Just recently my grade 5 class has done the D.A.R.E. program with Constable B. The D.A.R.E. program teaches kids how to stay drug and violence free. The program is run by the RCMP. It is taught from grades k – 12. In D.A.R.E. class we learned how to respond to a person when they offer you drugs, cigarettes, and other bad things. We learned about the different types of peer pressure. In the D.A.R.E classes students in my class got into group and preformed skits in front of other students.

Smoking is very bad for you, and can cause breathing problems. It can cause you many problems such as lung cancer heart diseases and cancer in your mouth, throat, bladder and kidneys. It causes you to get more colds and upper respiratory problems. A smoker gets heart disease, and it is the number one cause of lung cancer. There are many other effects of smoking. Smokeless tobacco can cause mouth cancer, tooth loss, and other health problems. It also effects your body’s development. More that 200 poisons in cigarette smoke is known. Cigarettes contain nicotine, an addicting substance. Over 44 thousand people in Canada die due to smoking each year, and most of them started smoking before age 18. Smoking often leads to death.

Marijuana is something equally as bad as smoking. Smoking marijuana has some of the same effects as smoking tobacco. It affects your brain and body when you smoke it. It causes short term memory, loss of ability to concentrate; it slows down coordination and reflexes, and affects your ability to judge distance, speed, and reaction time. There are more than 400 chemicals in marijuana. Cannabis is another name for marijuana. Users of marijuana increase risks of cancer, and it is illegal to have it in Canada.

Alcohol is a very addictive thing. It slows down your brain and your body, and if you are around people who are drinking, it can increase your risk of injury, and violence. Drinking of alcohol can cause huge damage in every single organ in your body. If you are caught with alcohol under the age of 18, you can get in big trouble. Not many teens drink alcohol. It is very dangerous to mix alcohol with medicine. Not many people know 341 ml of beer, 142 ml of wine and 43 ml of liquor together contain the same amount of alcohol.

Peer pressure is all around us. There are 4 different types such as bad peer pressure, good peer pressure, and good and bad personal peer pressure. Some examples of good peer pressure are when your friend tells you to join soccer. An example of bad peer pressure is when someone is trying to convince you to drink. Personal peer pressure is when you are pressuring yourself.

D.A.R.E. has taught me how to make wise decisions about drugs, alcohol, etc. Because of the D.A.R.E program, many kids of all ages will be drug and violence free. The program teaches kids how to react and the body language when someone comes up to them and offers them drugs. I am glad that I could be a part of this program, because now I know I will have a drug free future.

My D.A.R.E. pledge is: I will never do drugs and will try my best to make sure my family doesn’t do drugs.

Unit 34 Spelling Words in Sentences

Belief – Some people have a belief in god.

Believe – lots of people from Mrs. Baker’s class believe in god.

Brief – my dad has a leather brief case in his closet.

Deceive – I didn’t mean to deceive my sister when I told her we were getting a rabbit today when we weren’t getting one unit next month

Freight – A freight train caries freight on it.

Grief – My mum often says good grief to me.

Height – the Rocky Mountains have a huge height.

Mischief – James often gets himself into mischief.

Neighbour – I have a neighbour named Duncan and he has a deaf dog.

Neither – Neither one of the girls went shopping today.

Pier – There was lots of boats at the pier in Campbell River.

Receive – On christmas people often receive gifts from Santa Clause.

Relief – the bottle of Tylenol said it was for pain and fever relief.

Series – Many people in the class are reading the series.

Shield – In the knight’s hand there was a skinny metal shield.

Sieve – If you are sieve people won’t tell you secrets.

Sleigh – Santa Clause rides around the world in a sleigh.

Thief – The police caught the thief last night when half the town was asleep.

View – Our class has an awesome view because we are lucky.

Weight – I don’t like to tell people my weight.



Ortega (Novel Study)

Cat, Fat – when Ortega was at school he saw a fat cat outside on the playground.

Best, Test – Ortega didn’t do the best on his Math test yesterday.

Started, Farted when the race started Ortega arm pit farted.

Yummy,Tummy – The chocolate bar was yummy in Dr. Susan’s tummy.

Dr. Phil, Pill – Dr. Phil gave Ortega a tiny little pill.

School, Pool – While Ortega was at the pool his friends were all in school.

Game, Blame – Ortega tried to blame his best friend for breaking his new board game.

Hoot, Boot – He heard the owl hoot while Ortega was trying to put on a boot.

Thought, Caught – Ortega  thought Mr. Doodles caught a fish.

Taught, Hot – In school Ortega was taught the sun is super hot.

Different types of horses

  • American Paint Horse
  • American Quarter Horse
  • American Saddlebred Horse
  • American Standardbred Horse
  • Appaloosa Horse
  • Arabian Horse
  • Clydesdale Horses
  • Ponies
  • Hanoverian Horse
  • Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Morgan Horse
  • Palomino Horses
  • Miniature Horses


  • Mustangs
  • Hotbloods
  • Warmbloods
  • Coldbloods