Unit 35 spelling words in sentences

Bumblebee – There was a bumblebee collecting pollen from the flowers in our yard.

Cloudburst – A cloudburst sometimes happens with hail or thunder.

Courthouse – There is a courthouse in Victoria.

Daybreak – If you wake up early in the morning at my house you sometimes can see the daybreak.

Downhill – My drive way is slightly downhill.

Drawbridge – There is a drawbridge on many castles in movies.

Earthquake – Last year there was an earthquake in Haiti.

Elsewhere – After the two girls got in a fight one of them said I am going elsewhere.

Fruitcake – Fruitcake is my dad’s favorite type of cake.

Grapefruit – Grapefruits are the same size of an orange.

Mainland – I have relatives who live on the mainland.

Meanwhile – Sally was being chased by dogs; meanwhile the others were having cake.

Oversight – David Peal was responsible for the oversight of the charity funding organization.

Pineapple – Last night we cut up a pineapple.

Switchboard – We went on a field trip to a museum last year and we got to see an old switchboard.

Throughout – Throughout the school there are bathrooms.

Typewriter – On the movie the girl used a typewriter to write a letter to her father.

Upright – At night horses will sleep upright where ever they are staying.

Wastebasket – A wastebasket is also called a garbage can.

Whatever – It is rude to tell someone whatever especially your parents or teacher.


Unit 34 Spelling Words in Sentences

Belief – Some people have a belief in god.

Believe – lots of people from Mrs. Baker’s class believe in god.

Brief – my dad has a leather brief case in his closet.

Deceive – I didn’t mean to deceive my sister when I told her we were getting a rabbit today when we weren’t getting one unit next month

Freight – A freight train caries freight on it.

Grief – My mum often says good grief to me.

Height – the Rocky Mountains have a huge height.

Mischief – James often gets himself into mischief.

Neighbour – I have a neighbour named Duncan and he has a deaf dog.

Neither – Neither one of the girls went shopping today.

Pier – There was lots of boats at the pier in Campbell River.

Receive – On christmas people often receive gifts from Santa Clause.

Relief – the bottle of Tylenol said it was for pain and fever relief.

Series – Many people in the class are reading the series.

Shield – In the knight’s hand there was a skinny metal shield.

Sieve – If you are sieve people won’t tell you secrets.

Sleigh – Santa Clause rides around the world in a sleigh.

Thief – The police caught the thief last night when half the town was asleep.

View – Our class has an awesome view because we are lucky.

Weight – I don’t like to tell people my weight.



Unit 28 Spelling word in sentences

Collision – On my way to Campbell River I watched a car collision.

Companion –  Matt is a good friend and a good companion.

Division – One of the topics in math my friend struggles in is division.

Educate – It the teachers job to educate their students.

Explosion – On Halloween  I got to watch the explosion of the fireworks.

Gopher – There are tones of gophers in Saskatchewan.

Gradual – I was told make the change gradual in any order you wish.

Graduate – At Sunset Elementary the grade 7s graduate from Elementary school.

Invasion – My brother got a new video game called “Alien Invasion”.

Junior – On the week-end I played Monopoly Junior.

Nephew – Very few people in my class have a nephew.

Paragraph – When writing a story you should paragraph it.

Photograph – Mr. Mollinga took a photograph of me and put it on the website.

Provision – Provision is the only way animals can survive through the winter.

Senior – It cost more for a senior to ride the city bus.

Soldeir – I never want to become a soldier Because then I might die at a young age.

Stallion – Male horses are considered to be a stallion.

Symphony –  I was told that the next concert will feature the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing the top show tunes.

Telegraph – Last summer I went to Telegraph Cove with my cousins.

Vision – On the shoe ” Thats So Raven” Raven gets at least one vision on each episode.

Unit 27 spelling words in sentences

Amaze – Randy Jackson likes it when you can amaze him with your singing voice.

Arise –  I arise  at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for the bus.

Bronze – Some of the Canadian athletes in the Olympics won a bronze medal.

Clause – Van Halen wrote a clause that said he wanted a bowl of M&ms without any red ones.

Cruise – When I’m older I want to go on a cruise ship

Daze – Some people daze at the moon on nights when there is full moons.

Devise – Some scientists are able to devise a method of measuring ozone in the uper atmosphere.

Declose –  Did you know that declose is the oppisit of close?

Displease – The teacher said to the class “please me don’t displease me”.

Ease – You could see the blood ease out of her arm.

Gause – Some people don’t know that ther is gause on a bandaid.

Glaze – The paint had a under glaze blue tin mark on the base.

Graze – I watch a deer graze nearby.

Poise – The Queen of England has poise.

Prose – Some people say that prose are awsome.

Realize – When you get bullied the bully doesn’t always realize what he has done.

Sneeze – After you sneeze the polite thing to do is to say bless me.

Squeeze – I had to squeeze the musturd bottle really hard for the musturd to come out.

Tease – It is mean to tease somebody.

Trapeze – Now is your chance to swing from the flying trapeze with the greatest of ease.

Unit 25 spelling words in sentences

Exact – I have the exact amount of change in my pocket.

Exactly – There were exactly 100 people at the party.

Exam – I did great on my exam on monday.

Example – A lollypop is a great example of candy.

Excavate – I watched them excavate the neighbour’s yard.

Excellent – I did an excellent job horseback riding yesterday.

Excess – Micah has excess Lego in his room.

Exclude – It is rude to exclude people from games.

Executive – The government has an executive branch.

Exempt – My mom made me exempt the injured hummingbird when it got better.

Exert – I will exert great sportsmanship to my team mates.

Exhale- I will exhale deeply to calm myself.

Expand – My mom wants to expand the green house.

Expense – The expense of a good dinner can be high.

Expensive – The Bob Cat for sale in Hyde Creek is expensive.

Explode – I watched the firework explode on the night of Halloween.

Extent – The length of the skies was limitless.

External – It sometimes says for external use only on medicine bottles.

Extra – My dad gave me the extra 7 up today.

Extract – The dentist told my mom that they were going to extract Joshua’s tooth.

Unit 24 Spelling Words in Sentences

Bicycle – My bicycle has two wheels and it is red.

Camera – This year I want to get a camera.

Celebrate – There is a song that is called celebrate.

Citizen – A monkey is a citizen of the jungle.

Critical – Rick has been very critical these days about what people are wearing.

Decorate – This Christmas I got to help decorate the tree.

Diamond – My dad gave my mom a diamond ring for her birthday.

Elevator – My brother Ash is very bad at using an elevator these days.

Envelope – My report card came in a brown envelope.

Generous – My dad said that my little brother is generous.

Healthy – Apples and oranges are healthy fruits.

Iodine – The doctor gave my grandma some iodine last week.

Machinery – On the way to Campbell River I saw a piece of machinery.

Manager – Emily’s mom is the manager of tbs!

Medicine – When I was sick I had to take medicine.

Operate  – The doctor had to operate on my sister’s arm.

Pleasure – Justin Bieber said “it was pleasure meeting Usher”.

Rhythm – I disliked the funky rhythm in the song.

Vacancy – Lots of the hotel rooms had vacancy.

Vegetable – A tomato is not a vegetable.

Unit 22 Spelling Words in Sentences

Affair – The awards ceremony is the biggest affair on the school calendar.

Beard – Sunsets janitor Mr. Berry has a beard.

Bicycle – On Tuesday I rode my bicycle to Esso.

Cleanse – When you have a shower you cleanse your body.

Dreary – Natasha was dreary after her grandpa died.

Fare – The train fare was $5.00 each way in Alberta.

Glare – Some people think that it is rude to glare.

Healthy – Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body.

Hymn – You could hear a hymn coming from the church.

Impair – My grandma’s cancer might impair if the doctors don’t get rid of it soon.

Meadow – There was a mustang in a grassy meadow yesterday in Saskatchewan.

Merely – Last night I had a merely dream.

Myth – The Lock Nest Monster is a myth.

Pleasure – Molly said ” it was a pleasure meeting Taylor Swift”.

Rhythm – There was a funky rhythm to the song.

Sincere – After my brother slapped me he had to give a sincere apology.

Snare – My dad had to snare Josh into going up the mountain to get firewood with him.

Steer – The driver of a car gets to steer the vehicle.

System – Your body has an immune system.

Threat – Rustin made a threat to stab someone.

Unit 21 spelling word in sentences

Birch –  One of my little brothers hobbies is collecting bundle of birch sticks.

Burlap – My grandparents have lots of burlap bags in their barn.

Curve – Hails dog has a slight curve in its back now because when I was younger I tried to ride him up the road.

Disturb – There is a sign on Greg’s door that say do not disturb.

Further – Hannah through rocks further than me.

Girder – The Eiffel tower has at least one girder.

Hurdle – When the boy jumped over the hurdle he landed on his arm and fractured it.

Merchant – A local merchant that owns a store on Main St. got robbed.

Observe – Last year I got to observe an eclipse.

Pearl – Lots of old ladies wear pearl jewelry.

Preserve – Stanley wants to preserve our historical monuments.

Rehearse – Before dance class the dancers rehearse their dance so the dance teacher won’t get mad at them for making mistakes hopefully.

Research – Melanie did a research project on panda bears.

Reserve – so people reserve seat at the movie theater for their friends while they wait for their friends to come.

Search – when you lose something you often search for it until you find it.

Sermon – At some churches there is a sermon.

Squirm – Sarah’s dog tends to squirm out of her arm a lot when she is holding it.

Squirt – Josh and I had a squirt gun fight last summer.

Twirl – Some skirts lift up when you twirl.

Yearn – The lady said “she would yearn for a quiet vacation.”

Unit 19 Spelling words in sentences

Ability – Superman has the ability to fly.

Accident – My little cousin Mark got in a car accident 3 years ago on April 1 ,2009.

Celebrate – My grandma and grandpa don’t celebrate Halloween.

Citizen – The monkey is a citizen of the jungle .

Critical – Samantha’s best friend is very critical.

Decorate – His older sister got to help decorate the Christmas tree this year.

Element – Water is the element of fish.

Elevator – The elevator took us up to our hotel room.

Envelope – An envelope is made out of paper.

Iodine – One of the parts in the human body is called the iodine.

Manager – Kathleen’s dad is the manager of IGA.

Medicine – Some people have to take special medicine.

Messenger  – Natasha goes on Windows Live Messenger daily.

Notify – Notify me if there is a change of plans said “Molly Mackentirre”.

Operate – The doctor had to operate on my arm.

Personal – Dont go through my personal belongings please said ” Tasha”.

Territory – The dog guards its territory and growls if someone gets too close.

Vacancy – There was a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Vanity – Sally had the vanity of a selfish life.

Violin – Justin Bieber wants to learn  how to play the violin.

Unit 15 spelling words in sentences

Ample – Ella won an ample award last year.

Angel – There was a picture of an angel on her shirt.

Axle – The axle on the red truck was bent.

Barrel – Jamie was rolling around the yard on a wooden barrel.

Battle – I got to watch my brothers have a light saber battle.

Eternal – There was eternal chatter at the assembly.

Hazel – My brother doesn’t like the taste of hazel nuts.

Kennel – My dog Shasta has to sleep in her kennel at night.

Legal – The man in Ottawa had a legal mind.

Local – Tasha caught the 12:30 local train on Thursday.

Mental – She was born with a mental illness.

National – On Remembrance Day we sing Canada’s national anthem.

Novel – Our class read “The Cay” for novel study.

Pickle – One of the walls in my room is painted pickle green.

Rival – The stadium did not have a  rival.

Social – We have to make a map of Port McNeill in “Social Studies”.

Special – Some babies have special blankets or toys.

Sprinkle – I got to sprinkle a pinch of flour on the table when we were make apple pies.

Terminal – The young woman had a terminal disease.

Vital – The girl had a vital wound after she fell of her bike on to the pavement.