Dr. Martin Luther King

                                               Dr. Martin Luther King Timeline

1929- Born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta Georgia.

1944- Graduated from Booker T. Washington high school and then he got admitted to Morehouse College when he was 15 years old.

1948- Graduated from Morehouse College and enters Crozier Theological Seminary. He got ordained to the Baptist Ministry on February 25, 1948 at the age of 19.

1951- He entered Boston University for Graduate studies.

1964- On January 3rd, he ended up on  the front cover of the Time Magazine as the Man of the Year.

He attended the signing ceremony of the civil rights act of 1964 at the White House  on July 2nd.

During that summer he got rejection by black people when he is stoned by black muslims in Harlem.

1965- Dr. Martin Luther king fo arrested in Selma, Alabama during a voting right demonstration.

When President Johnson signs the Voting Right demonstration into law, Martin turns socioeconomic problems.

1967- On november 27, 1967 Martin announces the inception of the poor people company  focusing on jobs and freedom.

1968- In March, he lead a march that turned violent. This was the first time one of his events turned violent.

At sunset Dr. Martin Luther King was shot while standing on the Lorraine Hotel balcony in Memphis Tennessee. he died in 1968.


The Ships of Curacao

In the novel “The Cay” the diffent types of boats that the boy named “Phe-leep” sees in the harbour are:
– Veerboats (ferry boats)
– Native Schooners
– Lake Tankers
– Submarines
– stuby boats
– Massive boats
– English tanker
– Norweigan Tankers
– S.S. Empire Tern



Native Schooners


Lake Tanker



English Tanker
Norweigan Tanker

Picture unavailable for S.S empire tern

Radio Fifth Grade Book Review

About Gordan Korman

The author Gordan Korman  was born on October 23,1963 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The first book he ever wrote was This Can’t Be Happening At Macdonald  Hall. He was 12 years old when he wrote the book. His first book found a place at Scholastic. Gordan Korman eventually made one of his homes in New York City. New York City is where Gordan met his wife. Gordan Korman has three children. He now lives on Long Island.

                                         What Takes Place in This Story?

In Radio Fifth Grade, Benjy Driver is the star of his school radio show. Benjy gets a shocking surprise where he and his friends have to sell a parrot that won’t talk for over $150.00. If they don’t sell the parrot they could be stuck with him forever. The main  character is Winston Churchill. The names of Mark’s friends are Ellen-Louise and Mark.

After the shocking news they find out that they are getting a new teacher whose name is Mrs.Panagolus. On their first day of school with her she starts using new terms with the class. Ellen is trying her best to get marks and Benjy to behave so their new teacher will like them. Ellen wants Mrs.Panagolus to like them so she will let them continue doing Kidsview. The 2 boys aren’t off to a good start because one of them threw a paper airplane that had a rude picture of their new teacher and they threw it down the hall where their teacher was standing so it landed on her hatband. Lucky she didn’t notice it. The 2 boys had to follow her out into the parking lot so they could knock it off. The challenge was to knock it off with out her noticing them. Near the end of the book Winston speaks French and gets sold.

                                              The Author’s Message

I think the author is trying to say that don’t fake your attitude around your teacher so they will like you, and most of all talk to your teacher if you are having problems. Mark and his friends learned in the story that all they really had to do was ask their teacher for help and talk the whole Kidsveiw situation out with their teacher.

My Opinion

The Book

The Book

I think Radio Fifth grade is a really funny book. Radio Fifth Grade is good for all ages. Well at least I think so. If you get the chance to read the book you really should. After I had read the first chapter or so I couldn’t stop reading it. When I finished reading it I wanted to read the book again and again. Sadly, I had to move on to the next novel study.


The Cay Book Review

                                             About the Author, Theodore Taylor

Theodore Taylor

Theodore Taylor’s home town is North Carolina. He started writing stories at the age of 13. More than 50 books of his have been written and published. Theodore often said “he didn’t have much of an imagination”. Very few agreed with him when he said it. Taylor loved to go to schools and tell the kids about how Phe-leep and old Stew Cat came to be. October 26, 2006 was the day he passed away. Two of the names of his books are The Cay and Making Love With Typewriters. Theodore Taylors first book was published in 1954.


 What took place in this story?

In “The Cay”, an 11-year-old boy named Phe-leep is floating around on the Caribbean sea with Timothy and Stew cat. They are floating on a raft. Phe-leep gets blind by getting hit in the head. The Carribean sea is practically filled with sharks. After a few days of being on the raft they find an island to live on until they are rescued. Timothy thinks Stew cat is bad luck. While Phe-leep is on the island Timothy makes him a cane. Timothy eventually dies.

After Timothy dies Phe-leep is living on the island with Stew  cat. Thankfully Phe-leep knows his way around the island because he is blind. Phe-leep starts to get hungry after a while so he goes in the water to try to catch some food. Phe-leep sticks his arm into a hole and something grabs his arm. When Phe-leep feels it he thinks it is some sort of eel. Shortly after  that Phe-leep and Stew cat get rescued.

What is the Author trying to tell us?

I think the author’s message is don’t judge people by their skin colour and it’s okay to be friends with people who are different from you in many ways. Another message that is possible is you can make friends if you are kind to people and don’t judge people by their looks.

My Opinion

My opinion is that the author did a really good job writing the book. I would rate this book for all ages because Phe-leep learns some valuable life lessons from Timothy. This book is good for all ages because the message the author is trying to tell the readers is a good one for all people. The book is really good because while you read the book it teaches you some really good lessons like don’t judge people by their looks, it doesn’t matter how old people are if they are going to be your friend. When I first saw the book The Cay I thought it was going to be really boring but after reading the first 2 chapters I couldn’t stop reading it. By the time I finished the book I was ready to read The Cay again. If you have a chance to read The Cay by Theodore Taylor you should read it.

By: Miranda