Miranda’s Essay

Miranda’s D.A.R.E. Essay


Just recently my grade 5 class has done the D.A.R.E. program with Constable B. The D.A.R.E. program teaches kids how to stay drug and violence free. The program is run by the RCMP. It is taught from grades k – 12. In D.A.R.E. class we learned how to respond to a person when they offer you drugs, cigarettes, and other bad things. We learned about the different types of peer pressure. In the D.A.R.E classes students in my class got into group and preformed skits in front of other students.

Smoking is very bad for you, and can cause breathing problems. It can cause you many problems such as lung cancer heart diseases and cancer in your mouth, throat, bladder and kidneys. It causes you to get more colds and upper respiratory problems. A smoker gets heart disease, and it is the number one cause of lung cancer. There are many other effects of smoking. Smokeless tobacco can cause mouth cancer, tooth loss, and other health problems. It also effects your body’s development. More that 200 poisons in cigarette smoke is known. Cigarettes contain nicotine, an addicting substance. Over 44 thousand people in Canada die due to smoking each year, and most of them started smoking before age 18. Smoking often leads to death.

Marijuana is something equally as bad as smoking. Smoking marijuana has some of the same effects as smoking tobacco. It affects your brain and body when you smoke it. It causes short term memory, loss of ability to concentrate; it slows down coordination and reflexes, and affects your ability to judge distance, speed, and reaction time. There are more than 400 chemicals in marijuana. Cannabis is another name for marijuana. Users of marijuana increase risks of cancer, and it is illegal to have it in Canada.

Alcohol is a very addictive thing. It slows down your brain and your body, and if you are around people who are drinking, it can increase your risk of injury, and violence. Drinking of alcohol can cause huge damage in every single organ in your body. If you are caught with alcohol under the age of 18, you can get in big trouble. Not many teens drink alcohol. It is very dangerous to mix alcohol with medicine. Not many people know 341 ml of beer, 142 ml of wine and 43 ml of liquor together contain the same amount of alcohol.

Peer pressure is all around us. There are 4 different types such as bad peer pressure, good peer pressure, and good and bad personal peer pressure. Some examples of good peer pressure are when your friend tells you to join soccer. An example of bad peer pressure is when someone is trying to convince you to drink. Personal peer pressure is when you are pressuring yourself.

D.A.R.E. has taught me how to make wise decisions about drugs, alcohol, etc. Because of the D.A.R.E program, many kids of all ages will be drug and violence free. The program teaches kids how to react and the body language when someone comes up to them and offers them drugs. I am glad that I could be a part of this program, because now I know I will have a drug free future.

My D.A.R.E. pledge is: I will never do drugs and will try my best to make sure my family doesn’t do drugs.


Different types of horses

  • American Paint Horse
  • American Quarter Horse
  • American Saddlebred Horse
  • American Standardbred Horse
  • Appaloosa Horse
  • Arabian Horse
  • Clydesdale Horses
  • Ponies
  • Hanoverian Horse
  • Missouri Fox Trotter
  • Morgan Horse
  • Palomino Horses
  • Miniature Horses


  • Mustangs
  • Hotbloods
  • Warmbloods
  • Coldbloods

Multi Cultural Fashion Show

     Today our school had a multi cultural fashion show in the gym. Sunsets grade 7c teacher Mrs. Casson organised it for the school. The students in her class got to be in it and there younger siblings if they wanted to. I really enjoyed the fashion show. My best friend Hope was in it with me. Some of the places we represented were Ukraine, Mexico, Philippians, Hawaii, Ethiopia, and more. I was from Ukraine in it. Some of the students Wore more than 1 costume. They were all really pretty. At the beginning of the fashion show the boys from Mrs. Casson’s class did the Stick Dance together.  All the people who were in the fashion show had to wait back stage and get changed there too. I think that the fashion show was well done. The costume I wore use to be my moms. Mrs. Casson has been teaching at Sunset for almost 10 years now. She has done many fashion shows. Cheslakee’s school was there watching. Mrs. Casson has done a great job decorating the gym for the multi cultural fashion show. Tonight there is a feast for the grade 7c and the family. There is food from all different places in the world at the feast. Can’t wait until tonight.


When you start smoking what you are saying is I want to die young. I researched how long a person who smokes lives for. The anser that came up the most was 10 years less than a non smoker. Billions and billions of people die each year from smoking. Out every five people who die at least one of them was a smoker. Did you know that it is harder for people 20 – 44 to quit smoking than it is for older smokers. The big question is why do people smoke?  Some people smoke because they think it is cool. Others do so they can look older. Smoking can cause lung cancer. The minute you have a cigarette you are going to struggle to stop. Did you know that if all woman quit smoking during pregnancy about 5 percent of the death of babies can be prevented. In class yesterday my class estimated the cost of a package of cigarettes. We came up with $9.00 a pack. If somebody smokes for 15 years they could buy a house some wear. You save thousands of dollars by not smoking. Say no to smoking