Unit 28 Spelling word in sentences

Collision – On my way to Campbell River I watched a car collision.

Companion –  Matt is a good friend and a good companion.

Division – One of the topics in math my friend struggles in is division.

Educate – It the teachers job to educate their students.

Explosion – On Halloween  I got to watch the explosion of the fireworks.

Gopher – There are tones of gophers in Saskatchewan.

Gradual – I was told make the change gradual in any order you wish.

Graduate – At Sunset Elementary the grade 7s graduate from Elementary school.

Invasion – My brother got a new video game called “Alien Invasion”.

Junior – On the week-end I played Monopoly Junior.

Nephew – Very few people in my class have a nephew.

Paragraph – When writing a story you should paragraph it.

Photograph – Mr. Mollinga took a photograph of me and put it on the website.

Provision – Provision is the only way animals can survive through the winter.

Senior – It cost more for a senior to ride the city bus.

Soldeir – I never want to become a soldier Because then I might die at a young age.

Stallion – Male horses are considered to be a stallion.

Symphony –  I was told that the next concert will feature the Boston Symphony Orchestra playing the top show tunes.

Telegraph – Last summer I went to Telegraph Cove with my cousins.

Vision – On the shoe ” Thats So Raven” Raven gets at least one vision on each episode.


Mr. Mollinga Poem

My grade 5 teacher

Rides his bike to school

Makes people laugh

On time for school

Likes to play the piano

Loves his guitars


Not mean

Gets lots of practice on his guitar

Always really competitive when it comes to competition

Guitar Class

In the schools Fine Arts program one of the classes is acoustic guitar. in guitar class the teacher Mr.Mollinga has started making smart bucks for people in guitar class. there is 100’s, 500’s, and 1000’s.the smart bucks for guitar class have different pictures of guitars on them so it is easier to tell them apart. you can earn them by knowing you guitar chords. Sometimes even for bringing your guitar. Smart Bucks is a reward system.