Multi Cultural Fashion Show

     Today our school had a multi cultural fashion show in the gym. Sunsets grade 7c teacher Mrs. Casson organised it for the school. The students in her class got to be in it and there younger siblings if they wanted to. I really enjoyed the fashion show. My best friend Hope was in it with me. Some of the places we represented were Ukraine, Mexico, Philippians, Hawaii, Ethiopia, and more. I was from Ukraine in it. Some of the students Wore more than 1 costume. They were all really pretty. At the beginning of the fashion show the boys from Mrs. Casson’s class did the Stick Dance together.  All the people who were in the fashion show had to wait back stage and get changed there too. I think that the fashion show was well done. The costume I wore use to be my moms. Mrs. Casson has been teaching at Sunset for almost 10 years now. She has done many fashion shows. Cheslakee’s school was there watching. Mrs. Casson has done a great job decorating the gym for the multi cultural fashion show. Tonight there is a feast for the grade 7c and the family. There is food from all different places in the world at the feast. Can’t wait until tonight.