Unit 27 spelling words in sentences

Amaze – Randy Jackson likes it when you can amaze him with your singing voice.

Arise –  I arise  at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for the bus.

Bronze – Some of the Canadian athletes in the Olympics won a bronze medal.

Clause – Van Halen wrote a clause that said he wanted a bowl of M&ms without any red ones.

Cruise – When I’m older I want to go on a cruise ship

Daze – Some people daze at the moon on nights when there is full moons.

Devise – Some scientists are able to devise a method of measuring ozone in the uper atmosphere.

Declose –  Did you know that declose is the oppisit of close?

Displease – The teacher said to the class “please me don’t displease me”.

Ease – You could see the blood ease out of her arm.

Gause – Some people don’t know that ther is gause on a bandaid.

Glaze – The paint had a under glaze blue tin mark on the base.

Graze – I watch a deer graze nearby.

Poise – The Queen of England has poise.

Prose – Some people say that prose are awsome.

Realize – When you get bullied the bully doesn’t always realize what he has done.

Sneeze – After you sneeze the polite thing to do is to say bless me.

Squeeze – I had to squeeze the musturd bottle really hard for the musturd to come out.

Tease – It is mean to tease somebody.

Trapeze – Now is your chance to swing from the flying trapeze with the greatest of ease.



    In the new movie Rango Gore Verbinski is the director of the movie. The actors are Jonny Depp, Lsal Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Ned Beatty, Alfred Molina, and Bill Nighy. The original music is by Hans Zimmer.


A chameleon that is very like Jonny Depp finds himself trapped in the desert and before he knows it he is playing the role of the unexpected hero of a nearby town giving him a new sense of purpose in live the only problem is can he keep up the act long enough to save his fellow critters from bandits, corrupt politicians and more? Is playing the part enough? Or will he have to become it?