Novel Study


Dear Isabella,

I just finished reading a novel called Ortega. It is the best book I have ever read. I think you would really enjoy the book. The book is about a gorilla. His name is Ortega. I will write a mini book review for you. When Ortega was a baby he was taken from his mum by scientists. They taught how to read, write and talk. Now Ortega is getting older and they want him to start going to school. Ortega doesn’t want to go to school because he is scared that nobody will like him. Ortega tries to bring his stuffed bear Mr. Doodles to school with him. At school there is a popular group of boys that Ortega wants to be in. He asks the group of boys if he can be in their group. The boys say he has to pull a prank at school if he wants to be in the group. Ortega says that he will. The boys tell him to go sneak up behind the janitor and roar really loud at her. At fist Ortega isn’t sure if he should because he might get in trouble from Dr.Susan. Later in the novel Ortega starts to forget parts of his childhood with the help of Ortega’s new friends and the scientist that captured him when he was a baby will Ortega be able to recover or will he forget the rest of his childhood?

There are probably some libraries near you with the book. My librarian recommended it to me. If you don’t like the book you should recommend it to some of your friend’s maybe. The book costs around $20.00. You should probably rent it before you by it just in case you don’t like because that would be a waste of $20.00. I really hope you enjoy the book.

Sincerely, your friend Miranda


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