Unit 35 spelling words in sentences

Bumblebee – There was a bumblebee collecting pollen from the flowers in our yard.

Cloudburst – A cloudburst sometimes happens with hail or thunder.

Courthouse – There is a courthouse in Victoria.

Daybreak – If you wake up early in the morning at my house you sometimes can see the daybreak.

Downhill – My drive way is slightly downhill.

Drawbridge – There is a drawbridge on many castles in movies.

Earthquake – Last year there was an earthquake in Haiti.

Elsewhere – After the two girls got in a fight one of them said I am going elsewhere.

Fruitcake – Fruitcake is my dad’s favorite type of cake.

Grapefruit – Grapefruits are the same size of an orange.

Mainland – I have relatives who live on the mainland.

Meanwhile – Sally was being chased by dogs; meanwhile the others were having cake.

Oversight – David Peal was responsible for the oversight of the charity funding organization.

Pineapple – Last night we cut up a pineapple.

Switchboard – We went on a field trip to a museum last year and we got to see an old switchboard.

Throughout – Throughout the school there are bathrooms.

Typewriter – On the movie the girl used a typewriter to write a letter to her father.

Upright – At night horses will sleep upright where ever they are staying.

Wastebasket – A wastebasket is also called a garbage can.

Whatever – It is rude to tell someone whatever especially your parents or teacher.