Unit 34 Spelling Words in Sentences

Belief – Some people have a belief in god.

Believe – lots of people from Mrs. Baker’s class believe in god.

Brief – my dad has a leather brief case in his closet.

Deceive – I didn’t mean to deceive my sister when I told her we were getting a rabbit today when we weren’t getting one unit next month

Freight – A freight train caries freight on it.

Grief – My mum often says good grief to me.

Height – the Rocky Mountains have a huge height.

Mischief – James often gets himself into mischief.

Neighbour – I have a neighbour named Duncan and he has a deaf dog.

Neither – Neither one of the girls went shopping today.

Pier – There was lots of boats at the pier in Campbell River.

Receive – On christmas people often receive gifts from Santa Clause.

Relief – the bottle of Tylenol said it was for pain and fever relief.

Series – Many people in the class are reading the series.

Shield – In the knight’s hand there was a skinny metal shield.

Sieve – If you are sieve people won’t tell you secrets.

Sleigh – Santa Clause rides around the world in a sleigh.

Thief – The police caught the thief last night when half the town was asleep.

View – Our class has an awesome view because we are lucky.

Weight – I don’t like to tell people my weight.




Ortega (Novel Study)

Cat, Fat – when Ortega was at school he saw a fat cat outside on the playground.

Best, Test – Ortega didn’t do the best on his Math test yesterday.

Started, Farted when the race started Ortega arm pit farted.

Yummy,Tummy – The chocolate bar was yummy in Dr. Susan’s tummy.

Dr. Phil, Pill – Dr. Phil gave Ortega a tiny little pill.

School, Pool – While Ortega was at the pool his friends were all in school.

Game, Blame – Ortega tried to blame his best friend for breaking his new board game.

Hoot, Boot – He heard the owl hoot while Ortega was trying to put on a boot.

Thought, Caught – Ortega  thought Mr. Doodles caught a fish.

Taught, Hot – In school Ortega was taught the sun is super hot.