Unit 27 spelling words in sentences

Amaze – Randy Jackson likes it when you can amaze him with your singing voice.

Arise –  I arise  at 6:30 in the morning to get ready for the bus.

Bronze – Some of the Canadian athletes in the Olympics won a bronze medal.

Clause – Van Halen wrote a clause that said he wanted a bowl of M&ms without any red ones.

Cruise – When I’m older I want to go on a cruise ship

Daze – Some people daze at the moon on nights when there is full moons.

Devise – Some scientists are able to devise a method of measuring ozone in the uper atmosphere.

Declose –  Did you know that declose is the oppisit of close?

Displease – The teacher said to the class “please me don’t displease me”.

Ease – You could see the blood ease out of her arm.

Gause – Some people don’t know that ther is gause on a bandaid.

Glaze – The paint had a under glaze blue tin mark on the base.

Graze – I watch a deer graze nearby.

Poise – The Queen of England has poise.

Prose – Some people say that prose are awsome.

Realize – When you get bullied the bully doesn’t always realize what he has done.

Sneeze – After you sneeze the polite thing to do is to say bless me.

Squeeze – I had to squeeze the musturd bottle really hard for the musturd to come out.

Tease – It is mean to tease somebody.

Trapeze – Now is your chance to swing from the flying trapeze with the greatest of ease.


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