When you start smoking what you are saying is I want to die young. I researched how long a person who smokes lives for. The anser that came up the most was 10 years less than a non smoker. Billions and billions of people die each year from smoking. Out every five people who die at least one of them was a smoker. Did you know that it is harder for people 20 – 44 to quit smoking than it is for older smokers. The big question is why do people smoke?  Some people smoke because they think it is cool. Others do so they can look older. Smoking can cause lung cancer. The minute you have a cigarette you are going to struggle to stop. Did you know that if all woman quit smoking during pregnancy about 5 percent of the death of babies can be prevented. In class yesterday my class estimated the cost of a package of cigarettes. We came up with $9.00 a pack. If somebody smokes for 15 years they could buy a house some wear. You save thousands of dollars by not smoking. Say no to smoking


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