Unit 26 spelling words in sentences

absence – Lots of people in the class had absence on Monday morning

balance – The balance beam at the gymnastics center broke.

convince – It was hard to convince Micah to help stack wood.

device – Computers are considered to be a device.

embrace – I watched my brother embrace my dad.

enforce – The teachers at the school enforce the rules.

glance – Natasha took a good glance at her crush.

influence – People who smoke aren’t a good influence for little kids.

instance – the teacher told John to “get down to the principals office right this instance”.

introduce – I had to introduce my dad to my friend.

invoice – the cashier gave the old lady her invoice for her groceries.

justice – It is a good thing if the court judge says you have justice.

mince – My mom doesn’t mince her words when she is mad.

practice – you will do better at what you do if you have practice.

produce – My mom was shopping in the produce section of Overwaitea.

pronounce – It is hard to pronounce some words.

rejoice – I will rejoice when the rain stops.

resource – Plants are a natural resource on earth.

science – Science is a subject that you learn in school.

trace – I attempted to trace a drawing of a blue whale.


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