Spring Break

Today I went horse back riding with Natasha, Kimberly, and Liette. We were riding for 2 and a half hours. On the ride we crossed a river. After we crossed the river we had to go up a fairly steep hill. THere was a tree that was across the road so we had to get off the horses and walk them under it. The tree was to low for us to ride under. Part way through the trail we stopped so that the horses could eat some grass. After the ride we un saddled the horses and brushed them. Then we brought Journey out of the pen and brushed her up so we could put a saddle on her and get her used to having somebody on her back. Journey is almost ready to be ridden. Liette is thinking about selling Amara, Shadow, and Journey. She might not sell Amara because she has all ready sold her twice and ended up with her again. The first time the new owners didn’t feed her so Liette took her back. The second time the new owners couldn’t afford her anymore. I hope that she doesn’t sell her. Liette isn’t going to sell until her house sells because some of us ride those horses. Liette told me that it costs $32.00 a day just for hay to feed the horses.


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