Unit 25 spelling words in sentences

Exact – I have the exact amount of change in my pocket.

Exactly – There were exactly 100 people at the party.

Exam – I did great on my exam on monday.

Example – A lollypop is a great example of candy.

Excavate – I watched them excavate the neighbour’s yard.

Excellent – I did an excellent job horseback riding yesterday.

Excess – Micah has excess Lego in his room.

Exclude – It is rude to exclude people from games.

Executive – The government has an executive branch.

Exempt – My mom made me exempt the injured hummingbird when it got better.

Exert – I will exert great sportsmanship to my team mates.

Exhale- I will exhale deeply to calm myself.

Expand – My mom wants to expand the green house.

Expense – The expense of a good dinner can be high.

Expensive – The Bob Cat for sale in Hyde Creek is expensive.

Explode – I watched the firework explode on the night of Halloween.

Extent – The length of the skies was limitless.

External – It sometimes says for external use only on medicine bottles.

Extra – My dad gave me the extra 7 up today.

Extract – The dentist told my mom that they were going to extract Joshua’s tooth.


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