My spring break

Over spring break I went to one of my neighbor’s house. She has 6 horses. There names are Shadow, Amara, Sweet Pea, Breo, Dakota, and Journey. Yesterday I went on a trail ride with Natasha, Asia, and Liette(Lee et). It was a lot of fun. Before we went on the ride we had to catch them brush them, and saddle them up. I rode Amara Natasha rode Breo Asia rode Shadow and Liette rode Sweet Pea. The ride was 2 hours long. When we were riding the horses there was a big tree that fell and it was to high to jump over and to low to go under. We had to get off the horses and walk them down into the ditch and under the highest part of the log. When we got back we got my brothers and their friends to get some ribbon, food, and elastics for us. We put ribbon and braids in their tails and mains. Later in the day we took 3 of the horses for a walk down the road. When we got back we had to pick their feet.


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