Horses come in many different colours. There are many different types and sizes of horses. Did you know that there is over 400 different types of horses? Horses can be black, white, multi colours, brown and more. Horse were one of the first forms of transportation. Some people hook horses up to carriages or buggies and ride in whatever the horse is towing. Horses can can swim in water. Some even enjoy it. There are miniature Shetland ponies that people keep in their house – stinky! The miniature ones can’t be rode though. Some horses are gigantic. You have to saddle break a horse if you already haven’t, before you ride it. Word of advice, don’t ride a horse that doesn’t like you. 


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  1. You have to share this blog with more people. Send relatives, friends and even people like teachers or university professors an email to let them know what you’re writing about. I think they’d be impressed by a person who is writing so much on such a great blog!

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