Unit 24 Spelling Words in Sentences

Bicycle – My bicycle has two wheels and it is red.

Camera – This year I want to get a camera.

Celebrate – There is a song that is called celebrate.

Citizen – A monkey is a citizen of the jungle.

Critical – Rick has been very critical these days about what people are wearing.

Decorate – This Christmas I got to help decorate the tree.

Diamond – My dad gave my mom a diamond ring for her birthday.

Elevator – My brother Ash is very bad at using an elevator these days.

Envelope – My report card came in a brown envelope.

Generous – My dad said that my little brother is generous.

Healthy – Apples and oranges are healthy fruits.

Iodine – The doctor gave my grandma some iodine last week.

Machinery – On the way to Campbell River I saw a piece of machinery.

Manager – Emily’s mom is the manager of tbs!

Medicine – When I was sick I had to take medicine.

Operate  – The doctor had to operate on my sister’s arm.

Pleasure – Justin Bieber said “it was pleasure meeting Usher”.

Rhythm – I disliked the funky rhythm in the song.

Vacancy – Lots of the hotel rooms had vacancy.

Vegetable – A tomato is not a vegetable.


One response

  1. I sure like your header a lot more now. I’ve already replaced the other one with this one on Our Class’ web site.

    Your sentences are well done. There are only two you might want to check and they’re the ones with “celebrate” and “manager” in them. They both have words that need to be capitalized.

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