Unit 22 Spelling Words in Sentences

Affair – The awards ceremony is the biggest affair on the school calendar.

Beard – Sunsets janitor Mr. Berry has a beard.

Bicycle – On Tuesday I rode my bicycle to Esso.

Cleanse – When you have a shower you cleanse your body.

Dreary – Natasha was dreary after her grandpa died.

Fare – The train fare was $5.00 each way in Alberta.

Glare – Some people think that it is rude to glare.

Healthy – Fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body.

Hymn – You could hear a hymn coming from the church.

Impair – My grandma’s cancer might impair if the doctors don’t get rid of it soon.

Meadow – There was a mustang in a grassy meadow yesterday in Saskatchewan.

Merely – Last night I had a merely dream.

Myth – The Lock Nest Monster is a myth.

Pleasure – Molly said ” it was a pleasure meeting Taylor Swift”.

Rhythm – There was a funky rhythm to the song.

Sincere – After my brother slapped me he had to give a sincere apology.

Snare – My dad had to snare Josh into going up the mountain to get firewood with him.

Steer – The driver of a car gets to steer the vehicle.

System – Your body has an immune system.

Threat – Rustin made a threat to stab someone.


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