Unit 21 spelling word in sentences

Birch –  One of my little brothers hobbies is collecting bundle of birch sticks.

Burlap – My grandparents have lots of burlap bags in their barn.

Curve – Hails dog has a slight curve in its back now because when I was younger I tried to ride him up the road.

Disturb – There is a sign on Greg’s door that say do not disturb.

Further – Hannah through rocks further than me.

Girder – The Eiffel tower has at least one girder.

Hurdle – When the boy jumped over the hurdle he landed on his arm and fractured it.

Merchant – A local merchant that owns a store on Main St. got robbed.

Observe – Last year I got to observe an eclipse.

Pearl – Lots of old ladies wear pearl jewelry.

Preserve – Stanley wants to preserve our historical monuments.

Rehearse – Before dance class the dancers rehearse their dance so the dance teacher won’t get mad at them for making mistakes hopefully.

Research – Melanie did a research project on panda bears.

Reserve – so people reserve seat at the movie theater for their friends while they wait for their friends to come.

Search – when you lose something you often search for it until you find it.

Sermon – At some churches there is a sermon.

Squirm – Sarah’s dog tends to squirm out of her arm a lot when she is holding it.

Squirt – Josh and I had a squirt gun fight last summer.

Twirl – Some skirts lift up when you twirl.

Yearn – The lady said “she would yearn for a quiet vacation.”


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