Camera – Tyler got a camera for his birthday last year.

Century – During school yesterday I learned that there Is a 100 years in a century.

Cruel – My opinion is that slavery is cruel.

Diamond – If you are born in April your birthstone is a diamond.

Federal – One of the type’s of governments is the federal government.

Funeral – My parents are going to a funeral on Thursday for my aunty.

General – A leader of the military is sometimes called “a general”.

Generous – It is generous when you donate items to the poor.

Grocery – There are two grocery stores in Port McNeill. 

Jewel – Some people’s parents tell their kids that they are as precious as a jewel.

Machinery – There are many different types of machinery.

Mineral – Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body.

Mystery – Last night I just finished a mystery book.

Natural – her natural hair colour was dark brown.

Opera – My little brother isn’t a fan of opera.

Slavery – Over the years Canada has done slavery.

Valuable – The real Mona Lisa is very valuable.

Vegetable – Many people think that a tomato is a vegetable.

Violent – The movie “Star Wars” is very violent.

Violet – She has a sac of violet bulbs to plant when it gets a bit warmer.


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