Port McNeill

Do you like small places? well if you do Port McNeill is the right place for you. I’m going to talk about cool places to visit and The Port McNeill lock down.

Some interesting places to visit are Macky’s Whale Watching, museum, World largest burl and more. Macky’s Whale Watching is located on 1514 Broughton Blvd.

Now I”m going to talk about the Port McNeill museum. It is located on Broughton Blvd. beside the Huckleberry House. The Port McNeill museum is financed through local donations. In the museum their items such as a grand jewel wood stove, cider press, antique typewriters, historic photos and many more.

This week the schools in Port McNeill experienced a lock down.At the end of the day bus students had to sign out before getting on the bus. The other students had to phone home and  get a parent/guardian or a parents close friend to come pick them up. The bus students from Cheslakees school weren’t allowed to go on the bus if there was nobody at their home. The principle did it for their own safety.

After you read this I hope you have learned somthing about the town of Port McNeill.


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