Unit 19 Spelling words in sentences

Ability – Superman has the ability to fly.

Accident – My little cousin Mark got in a car accident 3 years ago on April 1 ,2009.

Celebrate – My grandma and grandpa don’t celebrate Halloween.

Citizen – The monkey is a citizen of the jungle .

Critical – Samantha’s best friend is very critical.

Decorate – His older sister got to help decorate the Christmas tree this year.

Element – Water is the element of fish.

Elevator – The elevator took us up to our hotel room.

Envelope – An envelope is made out of paper.

Iodine – One of the parts in the human body is called the iodine.

Manager – Kathleen’s dad is the manager of IGA.

Medicine – Some people have to take special medicine.

Messenger  – Natasha goes on Windows Live Messenger daily.

Notify – Notify me if there is a change of plans said “Molly Mackentirre”.

Operate – The doctor had to operate on my arm.

Personal – Dont go through my personal belongings please said ” Tasha”.

Territory – The dog guards its territory and growls if someone gets too close.

Vacancy – There was a vacancy on the Supreme Court.

Vanity – Sally had the vanity of a selfish life.

Violin – Justin Bieber wants to learn  how to play the violin.


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