Unit 17 spelling words in sentances

Permit Sally asked her teacher “to permit her to explain”.

Permitted – The duty permitted Abby to go inside and get her jacket.

Permitting – He was permitting Jenna to get a skipping rope from her class room.

Prefer – Some people prefer to have decaffeinated coffee than regular coffee.

Preferred – She preferred to were a tank top than a turtle neck.

Preferring – Amy’s cousin started preferring beef to ham.

Refer – I would like to refer this patient to you Dr. Douglas.

Referred – He referred the police of the General Government.

Referring – She is referring to the person who came yesterday.

Submit – Her mom asked her if she wanted to submit any art work in the fall fare?

Submitted – Sam submitted a poem in a contest where you can win $10,000.

Submitting – Taylor is planning on submitting a drawing of hers in the art contest.

Propel – The advertisements helped to propel the new product.

Propelled – The force in  his kick managed to propel the ball across the field.

Propeller – helicopters have more than one propeller.

Regret – Mandy said ” she would regret toilet papering the neighbours trees”.

Regretted – Rocky regretted being best friends with her teacher because people called her “teacher’s pet”.

Regretting – Molly was regretting joining soccer because she was the only girl on he team.

Regrettable – Eating brussel sprouts was regrettable for Sal when she threw up all night.


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