Unit 15 spelling words in sentences

Ample – Ella won an ample award last year.

Angel – There was a picture of an angel on her shirt.

Axle – The axle on the red truck was bent.

Barrel – Jamie was rolling around the yard on a wooden barrel.

Battle – I got to watch my brothers have a light saber battle.

Eternal – There was eternal chatter at the assembly.

Hazel – My brother doesn’t like the taste of hazel nuts.

Kennel – My dog Shasta has to sleep in her kennel at night.

Legal – The man in Ottawa had a legal mind.

Local – Tasha caught the 12:30 local train on Thursday.

Mental – She was born with a mental illness.

National – On Remembrance Day we sing Canada’s national anthem.

Novel – Our class read “The Cay” for novel study.

Pickle – One of the walls in my room is painted pickle green.

Rival – The stadium did not have a  rival.

Social – We have to make a map of Port McNeill in “Social Studies”.

Special – Some babies have special blankets or toys.

Sprinkle – I got to sprinkle a pinch of flour on the table when we were make apple pies.

Terminal – The young woman had a terminal disease.

Vital – The girl had a vital wound after she fell of her bike on to the pavement.


One response

  1. Wow! Are you ever fast at getting the sentences written up! I put them on just yesterday.
    You may want to take a look at the sentences where you use the following words: ample, eternal, legal, rival, special, sprinkle and vital. There aren’t any spelling mistakes so you may want to look at whether the word is used in the right way. Check for words with and without capital letters too.

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