Timothy thinks that Stew cat is an evil jumbi. He thinks that Stew cat is bad luck and has a spirit in him. He tries to get rid of the spirit by taking the cat off the island. While Stew cat is away Timothy does voodoo. Timothy carves a sculpture of stew cat out of drift wood then he thought it into the hot camp fire. Now Timothy thinks that they won’t have bad luck anymore.

Facts about voodoo

     There is voodoo in countries such as Africa, Haiti, Cuba,  Jamaica, and possibly England. Each of these countries do a private voodoo in the comfort of their own homes.

     Did you know that a voodoo doll can heal, curse, bring fortune to people, and change behavior. Some people in countries that have voodoo believe that if they take a voodoo doll and address the doll to particular person they can make them do what ever they want them to do.

     People started calling voodoo African based when  Africa started doing voodoo. The first time that voodoo got emerged was in the sixteen hundreds were it got among enslaved Africans in Santo Domingo Wich ended up being the republic of Haiti in 1804.


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