Unit 14 spelling words in sentences

Alter – Rhianna likes to alter her looks.

Cellar – My Grandma and Grandpa have a root cellar.

Cinder – When the wood finished burning there was cinder in the fire place.

Editor – Sam’s dream job is to become an editor.

Error – He made an error in his journal last week.

Factor – People must factor insurance payments into the cost of maintaining  their vehicle.

Flavor – There is a new flavour of chips now.

Humour – The little boy has a dry sense of humour.

Mayor – Mr. Furney is the mayor of Port McNeill.

Mirror – When the mirror fell it shattered all over the floor.

Pillar – I saw a giant rock pillar when I on vacation.

Polar – On Friday night we watched a movie called “The Polar Express”.

Popular – “Shake It Up” is a popular new show.

Regular – I clean the cat’s litter box on a regular basis.

Remainder – Mallory forgot to put a remainder for one of her math equations.

Stranger – The person who lives in house 2018 Hickory street was a stranger to me.

Terror – The little girl was frantic with terror.

Tractor – There was a  green tractor at the farm.

Vigour – The 30-year-old man played tennis with great vigour.

Whisper – You could hear the girls whisper in the dark bedroom.


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