Unit 13 spelling words in sentences

Agent- My mom used to work as a secret agent when she was 22.

Banquet- The banquet is on Saturday in Nanaimo.

Basin- Her family needed a new basin of water.

Cayon- I went to the grand canyon over summer break.

Constant- It was impossible for Jimmy to work when there was constant interruption.

Faucet- Mel could hear the faucet dripping in the kitchen.

Gallop- Bella watched the lady gallop around the pasture.

Instant- There was instant flames when he put gasoline on the bomb fire.

Method- Sammy had his own method for fixing the motor.

Muffin- While we were down town we bought our self a carrot muffin.

Parent- I had to get babysit while my mom and dad were at the parent teacher conference.

Period- Luke forgot to put a period at the end of his sentences.

Pirate- Jake pretended to be a pirate for halloween .

Private- The caller id said “private” so Vanessa didn’t answer it.

Servant- Indie’s mom used to be a servant.

Standard- My dad knows how to drive standard vehicles.

Trumpet- The sound of my dads trumpet gave me a head ache.

Vacant- There was no vacant seats on the bus to Comox.

Walet- My sister bought a new purse with a matching walet that was purple with leopard print in the inside.

Weapon- The boy got in big trouble for bringing a weapon into the white house.




One response

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you have these already done. I’ll read them over the weekend and give you a mark. The mark will be put in the blue marking book but I won’t post it here unless you give permission. If you want to know before Monday, email me on Sunday and I’ll give you your score out of 20.

    Oh, and congratulations on the great report card!

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