Unit 12 spelling words in sentences

Effect – The wind had a bad effect  on the farmers crop.                                               

Antelope – I saw an antelope that was on the side of the highway.

Balcony – Her balcony was white until her son spilled brown paint on it.

Ballad – He had to fill out the ballad when it came to voting time.

Buried – The buried treasure was located on Calicone Island.

Collapse – The smell of my brothers clone made me want to collapse.

Affect – The sun gave the affect of tanning her skin.

Envying – I was envying my sister when she won the draw for the i pod touch.

Estimate – On my Math work sheet the directions said ” to estimate“.

Funnel – The waffle cone looked like a funnel.

Justified – Sally justified ruby’s rude attitude at school.

Lizard – Tomas wanted to buy me the green lizard from the pet store.

Magnify – I used that magnifying glass to magnify the plankton in the bucket of sea water.

Melon – My mum said ” that ny head is shaped like a melon “.

Static – My hair went static after my best friend rubbed a balloon on it.

Stubborn – The horse was to stubborn to go over th jump.

Various – The young woman had a various talent.

Weariness –  Mr.Malvin’s class was full of weariness after 3 hours of working.

Stadium – Las Vegas stadium was full of people of all ages.

Zipper – The zipper on my jacket was broken.


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