Spelling words in sentences

The boy angrily stomped away into his bedroom.

Sue applied for a job at Peoples Drugmart in Port McNeill.

Mel started applying for jobs at the age of 20.

The pirates buried the treasure on the lonely island.

The picture frame was full of emptiness because Sally hadn’t put a picture in it yet.

Anna envied Suezy when she found out that she won the lottery.

Mark was envying the black lab puppy at the pet store in Courtney.

Sally’s birthday party was very fanciful.

The little girl named Alexa spoke gloomily.

Marvin was very handily when he was using the chane saw.

Joey’s mother made sure that he didn’t justify Sam’s attitude.

Sally started justifying Ralf’s bad attitude.

Kelly’s dad was full of laziness on the weekends mostly on Saturday.

The man was penniless because he spent all his money on candy.

His attempt for life was very pitiful according to his friends.

I studied for the quiz so I could get a good mark.

Samantha was studying for the Math quiz on Tuesday.

There was various Christmas ornament designs at Wal-Mart.

Mallory was full of  weariness after running the 1500 meter at track and field.



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